I (almost) did it!

Here’s our first emperor of the Ryukyu Empire, pearl of the West Pacific, almighty Three Mountain Empire.

All successful business need capital and talent.  Hence I hired the top college graduate that gives +1 to admin so he can help our emperor finished his admin work 25% before reaching level 5.  From 3 base + 1 to base 3 + 1 + 1 is 25% increase.  Also, doing local business at Hangzhou and save money for our investment at colonization process.  Soon, I can start to colonize the Philippines. (I’ll tell you why not Taiwan, it almost became one of my deadliest mistake)


Look, I am not the only one trying to make Animism great again, Miao and Ainu are doing the same thing


Meanwhile in Europe

As I finished colonizing the Philippines, there’s a good news and a bad news.  Good news is that I owned most the trade node! (well, there are some islands on the Oceania belongs to this trade node). Bad news is, I just became southeast Asian nations like Kutai, Siak, Brunei, Pasai, Majapahit… getting into the warring states in Southeast Asia and became target of expansion of Europeans

As seen, I chose expansion instead of exploration idea because I knew I can’t afford 2 colonists at that moment.  I could have chosen exploration in my 3rd idea but I chose maritime instead because a strong navy is essential for a poor island nation.  It proved me wrong when I had late westernization and having idled colonist while everyone are in colonial competition.


East Asia situation

You see this strong independent Ming don’t need no navy? Yes, it had been claiming my Taiwan Island since I was colonizing.  In the beginning of the game, there’s no way you can beat it, either on land or on sea.  Even it had a Ming explosion, you can’t fight Min one on one either if colonize Taiwan before Philippines.  Also, Taiwan is only a small part of the Canton trade node, but for Philippines, it is an undeveloped trade node and you can own all of it!


Into Malacca

There are many times I got beat to debt by my neighbors. The only good news is that I can hold to white peace with my Korean and Ternate allies’ help.  Then, I became a Spanish protectorate for advancing technology.  After Spain got smacked by France in Europe multiple times, I broke free from it peacefully.  I got out with higher tech and became Spain’s ally instead.  Although Spain is weak in Europe, it is still powerful in Southeast Asia.  I use it to conquer some land from my neighboring rivals.  We even beat my ex-bully Majapahit into Spain’s protectorate.  Finally I made it to the Malacca trade node, it connects Taiwan, Philippines and Molecules. After I defeated my competitors in the Malacca trade node, I became the 2nd highest income.  Soon, I freed Australia from Portugal too.


Liberated Australia from rival Portugal


Almost became monopoly in the Malacca trade node

As result from this, I almost monopolized the Malacca trade node.  Russia is very strong in this game and held 300k land units.  Glad it only rivaled me in the end but didn’t go to war with me.




This is what happened when trying to convert Muslim provinces in the Malayan regions


Missed opportunities


missed opportunities


I think I know how to be a better Ryukyu Empire next time… this blog post is about learning from failures.


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