EU4 Ming Empire in 1644 Challenge (Process and Ending)

After finishing the bitter war with Shun and Xi, I finally can have rest and recover some manpower. The key point of the war is to take Chengdu from Xi and forced Xi to stay out of the war.  Also, your internal threat like Yue, Chu, Wu, Dali, Shu Changsheng, Miao separatists still exist when legitimacy is low.  In reality, Ming was declining in those period of time, so rebellious events pop up more often.  PS: Must do anything to ensure legitimacy is above 60.


No matter which version is it, legitimacy is a double-edged sword for Ming before Westernization


Do everything to stay 60 legitimacy!!!!

Sometimes the separatists would go to harass your neighbors/rivals.  “So sorry for these bad boys.  If you see them in your country, please beat the shit out of them, thank you very much.”


Best description of how Ming declined in history, rebels and Qing

Since you still have the cores over Northern China with Xi, Shun and Qing and you won’t lose them throughout the rest of the game, if you have a higher military tech then the them, you can blob reconquer all of them.  Japan can be a good ally since they can attack in the other side, their soldiers have higher morale and disciplines and usually rival with Qing too.  Also, Ming and Japan will have better navy than Qing anyway.


Time for reconquest!!!

Of course, Jesuit events, they give diplo tech boost but sometimes they can be annoying when they convert your provinces’ religion (well, unless you want to become Catholic and face Confucian rebels too.)  Also, there are still plenty of colonial opportunity in Taiwan and North America.  I did my westernization at Taiwan with the Dutch. As usual, the process should be around 18 years.


Bye missionaries, your contract works are done and nice working with you.

Before westernization, Russia declare war on me with Imperialism causi belli and almost conquered the whole China  except the Jianghuai regions, where my capital is.  Glad that I can hold them to the very end and have a white peace because Commonwealth declared war on them.  In my second war against the Russian invasion.  I allied Persia and fought Russia both fronts but Persia got rekt early.  I started the third war with the Russians as soon as I caught up with technology, I won most of Siberia. Instead of cutting Russia into half, I made an ugly border because I did not explored Siberia completely. Of course, this can’t be done without my French allies harassing the Russians in the West front.


Such treaty… much provinces… very fur


I took Japan after they broke alliance with me and made the two daimyo into my protectorate

I’d like to point out a bug here, even Manchu/Qing is defeated, Korea still considers it as their overlord and won’t make foreign diplomacy with others.  Also, Japan rival me after we splited Qing. I made Uesugi and Hosogawa call me onichan my protectorate aftrward.


Most of colonial nations got their independence, and I built some China towns in Australia, Canada and Louisiana


Most small neighboring nations became protectorates

Although still hadn’t completely understand trade, still made it to the highest income!


Not biggest army but most manpower


Those western nations are poor and I though I was bad in trade already


In conclusion, this is indeed a tense but entertaining reconquista and remaking history. As a history lover and strategy game player, it is always pleasing to see alternative history result.


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